Terms and Conditions

Dear customers :

For hygiene and health reasons, We will not be able to exchange or RETURN compression garments, that have contact to the private area, only waist trainers we want to avoid selling any garment that someone else already wore, in the same way, we assure you to receive a clean and new product, we hope you understand, if you need help with your size send us a text message for help 4694327048 send us your waist measurement to help you with the size all sales are final no returns "only exchange (waist trainers)

"No refunds only store credit !

We can only exchange waist trainers not the full body garments, or anything that has contact to the private area. Waist trainers can only be exchanged once. Las Cinturillas solo se pueden cambiar una vez.. Please text (469)432-7048 or email us pictures of the waist trainer from the front, back and inside as well as the hooks.(nude color and clearance garments can’t be exchanged! nude color gets stained with the first time you try it on, it is a very pretty color but it gets very dirty, which makes it impossible for us to resell  The waist trainer must have the tags  still attached, original packaging (with no damage as the packaging protects the garment during shipment) and not show any signs of use or be dirty. You are responsible for sending the waist trainer back to us at 11528 Harry Hines Blvd ste A112 Dallas Texas 75229



(you have 2 weeks only for the exchange)

​If you order exceeds a certain limit we may email asking for an ID, to prevent any fraudulent sales.

Estimados clientes :

 Estamos cambiando la poliza de regresos ,por higiene y por salud  no podremos cambiar las prendas de comprencción ni las waist trainers queremos evitar vender alguna prenda que ya uso y toco  alguien mas espero nos comprendan así mismo les aseguramos recibir un producto nuevo y limpio! Solo cambiamos 1 vez  y usted es la encargada de comprar los shipping labels recuerde que las fajas y cinturillas vienen reducidas no pida su misma talla de pantalon mida su cintura con una cinta y utlise la tabla de medidas 

Wrong size?

We can only exchange waist trainers can be exchanged once ! not the full body garments. The waist trainer must have the tags still attached and not show any signs of use or be dirty. You are responsible for sending the waist trainer back to us at 11528 Harry Hines Blvd ste A112 Dallas Texas 75229

(you have 2 weeks only for the exchange) 

Once you send your waist trainer back you will need to purchase the new shipping label to send the exchange back to you. This can be done on our website following this link.


($5.00 dlls fee+ shipping label will be charge in order to process the return)

If the size you want to exchange for is unavailable your order will be refunded minus shipping and cancellation fee 

If when we receive the waist trainer it is dirty or shows signs of being worn ,or tags are torn from waist trainer we will have to send you the same one back or issue a 50% refund or exchange for a new one and customer will be charge a $20.00 cleaning fee. 

Disclaimer: full body fajas go directly on private areas which is unhygienic to accept back at our facility. A lot of our customers come to us for a full body faja after surgery with open wounds. We cannot sell them something that has already been manipulated or worn by someone else.

Unclaimed packages

If we send a package and the buyer forgets it and does not pick it up in the mail because the mailman cannot find it, you will have to buy the return label again and if you decide to cancel your purchase you will pay the cost of the first label Around 5 dlls for item plus the cost of the first shipping label 

Talla Equivocada?

Solo podemos cambiar Cinturillas no las Fajas completas, Las cinturillas tienen que tener su etiquetas su paquete debe de estar nuevo si tu ya usaste la cinturilla por dias y quieres una mas chica necesitas comprar una nueva ya que nosotros no podemos vender una cinturilla usada o sudada por alguien mas como nueva

regresa la cinturilla a 11528 Harry Hines Blvd ste A112 Dallas Texas 75229 y llamanos para explicarte el siguiente paso! 2146507076 Kelsey

Estimados clientes:


Once an order has been placed and you wish to cancel, there is a $10 cancellation fee. If the order has already been shipped we would need the package to be sent back unopened in order to refund the order. 


Una vez que usted pague por su mercancia tiene 30 minutos para avisar que quiere cancelar el sistema que usamos para cobrar y que prosesar su pago es PAYPAL ellos por transaccion cobran 3% del total mas .30 centavos por transaccion dicho dinero aun y que alla cancelacion ellos no lo devuleven entonces usted sera el responsable de pagar por eso mas aparte nosotros cobramos $5.00 dlls de procesamiento y tarifa !! una vez que nosotros ya hicimos el paquete y lo enviamos no podemos aceptarlo de regreso ya que con el reciente brote de coronavirus no estamos aceptando devoluciones


Due to company policy, all packages must be sent to the address listed on PayPal. We cannot change the address after the order has been placed. If you have to change the address we will refund the order minus 2.9% + .30 cents that is charged by PayPal plus $5.00 processing fee . if YOU PUT THE WRONG ADDRESS OR FORGET YOUR APARTMENT NUMBER AND THE PACKAGE IS RETURNED WE WILL CHARGE YOU FOR THE NEW LABEL $ 8.75 or deduct it from your refund.


Two Names and two different Address????

Unfortunately, due to a recent increase of fraudulent charges/chargebacks we are unable to process orders with 2 different names and/or addresses without proof from the person listed on the billing side. In order to ship your order we would need you to provide an ID and the card used for the transaction. The card could be blocked out to only show the name and last 3 digits of the card. The ID could be blocked out to only show name and address.  Once received we would ship out any pending orders. 

Thank you for your time, feel free to contact us with any questions by responding to this email or at either of our numbers listed. 

Kelsey Elegant Figure



International Orders

International packages returned!There are many reasons why your package was retuned including that your Country returnered  it for no reason ,the oter reasoncan be the mailman left a note and your ignored! 


Error en la direccion o cambiar de direccion

Por politicas de PAYPAL  todos los paquetes deben ser enviados al domicilio que usted utilizo en Paypal No podemos enviar a otro domicilio despues que el pedido se realizo si usted desea cambiar de domicilio cancelaremos su pedido y regresaremos el dinero menos el 2.9% + .30 centavos  que paypal cobra por transaccion mas $5.00 dlls de manejos de la empresa!


Allergies or medical condition

Some of our products contain latex and silicone. If you have an allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult your doctor. However, it is your responsibility to know what allergies you have before ordering any of our products and after using them we will not be able to change them