Sudar y moldear # 2


vas a recibir una cinturilla de torso alto moldeadora y reductora hecha de tela y una cinturilla de latex de torso pequeno marca verox  👈🏼en esta las tallas 34,36,38,44,46 enviaremos una sculptural waist trainer ideal para zumba yoga cardio para sudar! Usa la cinturilla de látex torso corto enzima de la de tela torso largo para mejores resultados la corta se usa de 2 a 6 horas al día 
You will receive a reducing and shaping high torso waist trainer made of fabric and a small torso latex waistband brand Verox in  this size 34,36,38,44,46 we will send a sculptural waist trainer ideal for zumba yoga cardio for sweat! use the short waistband over the other with a long torso for better results the latex short tose can be wear 2 to 6 hours a day the long torso fabric can be wear 24/7
Size long T
Size Short T
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