Semilla de Brasil👈🏼la original

Semilla de Brasil👈🏼la original


Semilla de Brazil 100% Authentic Brasil Seed SdB All Natural Supplement Pure Brazilian Nut


  • Se le conoce como Berthlletia excelsa, pertenece a un árbol originario de América del Sur, se distingue porque alcanza cincuenta metros de altura y tiene un tronco de uno a dos metros de diámetro. Las semillas son saludables por contener proteínas, selenio, vitamina E y B, lo que ayuda a adelgazar de manera rápida y natural.



    LOVE these!!! This product is very effective. If you are a picky and sensitive and wimpy person DO NOT take these. First off you will start with small pieces for 1 week 2nd week you take medium size 3rd week big pieces. 1 seed at bedtime with glass of water. If you do not comply with these instructions you will feel nauseated alllllllll day and you may throw up so just do as you are told. Make sure you drink water through out the day and eat a banana or anything for potassium. I didn’t drink a lot of water I’m so bad at that but I still lost a lot of weight. Im sure if I would have drank lots of water it would have been even more beneficial to me. You don’t have to eat a banana unless you start feeling sluggish. I did for the first couple weeks but I don’t now unless I feel blaaaaa. Btw- The seed will make you have diarrhea with what ever you eat basically that’s the point. The seed is emptying alllllll the old poop stuck in the intestines and nasty fat that’s been in our body’s for years and years. A lot of people stop taking these because they say oh my gosh I have the runs hello anything you take to cleanse your body will make you have diarrhea. How else is everything supposed to come out. It’s a DETOX!!!! Within 1 month you should see results if not by 3. Everyone is different don’t get discouraged. You will loose inches and that’s amazingly better then pounds because inches equals fat and pounds equals water. I’ve lost a lot of inches/weight and I continue to take these. I’ve been on this seed for 4 months and I love them. People notice the big difference it’s so awesome! You may want to start taking these on a Friday at home because you will be using the bathroom a lot for about 3 weeks it will slow down but it may not. Everyone is different. You will go poop anytime you eat so just watch what you eat. Your not sick And your not getting a bad reaction that’s how it works. You will notice that your cravings go down and you eat less and smaller portions fill you up. You feel lighter clothes fit better. Okay so if your a wimp and sensitive to things please do everyone a favor and just don’t try these. It’s annoying to see people submitting there reviews with omg I was so sick and I had diarrhea omg. Like hello that’s what it’s supposed to do and make sure you do the instructions!!!!!! If you don’t its on you not the seed. If you do as I said you will be fine. I definitely recommend these. These are authentic and the shipping is fast. Please contact me with any questions. Xoxo

    La SEMILLA DE BRASIL es un adelgazante natural, con la semilla logras bajar medidas anatómicas, reducir el colesterol y los triglicéridos y lo mejor de todo es que lo hace de forma natural.

    Con la semilla absorbes menos grasa suprimiendo al siguiente día los comestibles ingeridos. Si bien está por demás decir que si te nutres bien y haces ejercicio entonces bajaras de peso de forma acelerada. Observa como esta semilla produce una restauración de tu cuerpo

    • Quema grasas Rápidamente.
    • Baja Medidas Efectivamente.
    • Inhibe el Apetito sin Complicaciones.
    • Reduce el Colesterol y Triglicéridos.
    • Efecto Reductor Garantizado.
    • Sin Efecto Rebote. 


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