Caffeine Cream

Caffeine Cream

*Description : 

Simply perfect match for the excersice. Made with Caffeine It helps metabolize body fat accumulates in hips, abdomen, arms, waist and everywhere you feel the need to loose wight.

*USE: Apply a generous amount and massage until the cream. Perfect for your summer body. 

Description : Just perfect! Cast with Caffeine that helps the metabolism of accumulated body fat in the hip, abdomen, arms and waist. 

*You can use it where you think you should lose weight.

* Apply a generous amount and massage until the cream disappears

* Perfect for your summer body.

* Ideal para todas las rutinas de entrenamiento y ayuda con la formacion de la cintura 

Maximiza con térmico actividad 

* cafeína base de crema 

Ayuda a diminuir las estrias , marcas o depósitos de grasa, y puede lograr un vientre plano .

APPLY: apply before exercise , put in your hand a quantity you would use like the daily cream of the body. 

*apply in to desired body parts. for better results you can wrap your belly in the plastic wrap , or you can put your waist trainner. 

*you will feel cold and a warm sensation. you can use it every day.


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